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Hello - My name is Joseph A. Guagliardo. My grandfather was born in 1904, in a town called Alta Vila Milichia, Sicilia.
In January of this year (1998)I had the opportunity to meet my grand father's neices and some cousins, In Sicilia. This would not be a news worthy issue had I not thought my name was Gagliardo for the last 40 years. When my grandfather (Franco) Palo Guagliardo came to America someone lost the (u) in his last name. The U does not appear to be a big issue however. It divided our family. His brothers continued on to Chicago and returned to Italy while he stayed in Brooklyn New York.
There was no link between Guagliardo and Gagliardo until the recent pilgrimage to Alta Vila Milichia. The brothers and sisters who originally came from Sicily and traveled to Chicago ended the bllod connection between the family until the January pilgrimmage to Sicily. We will continue up dating this page to reflect the new findings.

This map was donated by Vincent S/Marta V. Guagliardo

SICILIA - 2000

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